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4SYS footwear is a leading company with over 40 years of experience managing and designing product for global military and uniformed personnel, our team are experts in footwear and have uniquely engineered the 4SYS range specifically for different forces.
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1600, 1629, 1631, 1632

Amsterdamsestraatweg 15
1411 AW Naarden

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Law enforcement, first responders and military service personnel risk their lives every day to keep communities around the world safe. Dyneema® helps protect them while they protect us. Dyneema® has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any material on Earth, allowing armor solutions to maintain the highest levels of protection without sacrificing user comfort or maneuverability. In fact, we work directly with industry-leading armor manufacturers to develop technologies that are fit-for-purpose. Beyond continual innovation and collaboration, the lightweight construction of armor made with Dyneema® helps mitigate long-term injuries associated with the cumulative effect of daily armor use – providing protection on the front lines and beyond.
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Avient Protective Materials
Urmonderbaan 22
6167 RD Geleen

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1600, 1622

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LV Equipment BV (LV) is the exclusive partner and licensee from Berghaus Ltd. in the UK for the development and supply of military & police load carrying systems in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and NATO.
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1600, 1619, 1628

Nijverheidsweg 2
4695 RC Sint Maartensdijk

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Microflown AVISA develops and markets highly innovative and complete battlefield acoustic solutions, providing 3D situational awareness by detecting, localizing and classifying the full range of audible battlefield threats, such as small arms fires, rockets, artillery and mortars and engine driven platforms (heavy ground vehicles, helicopters and UAV's).
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100, 106, 131, 1699, 1799, 2300

Tivolilaan 205
6824 BV Arnhem

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NETHERLANDS Ministry of Defence NLD

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3500, 3503

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