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At Carinthia, we have been pursuing a common goal every day for decades: the permanent, innovative and performance-oriented further development of insulated clothing and equipment - from professionals for professionals. As a global market leader, service orientation, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strength are the focus of our activities. The highest quality standards apply, because our products are 100% manufactured in Europe. Professionalism and flexibility in the field of product development enable us to develop solutions that provide more comfort and safety. Our products are tested by professionals and further developed together. An important key to the company‘s success is the unique premium synthetic fiber insulation G-LOFT®. Warm, light and breathable - even in extremely wet and cold weather. Unrivaled USP is the extraordinary warmth-to-weight ratio of this high-tech fiber. The uniqueness of G-LOFT® acts as the basis of our product portfolio. CARINTHIA. Built to perform.
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1600, 1612, 1624, 1630, 1634, 1640

Seebacherstrasse 11-13
9871 Seeboden

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