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Factory for Badges, Uniforms, Accessories & Accountrements


NANBA GROUP is a manufacturing factory making items that serve institutions like "Military, Navy, Air-force, Aviation, Police, Bands, Scouts, Services Clubs, Universities, Movie Makers, History Clothing's, Epic & theaters, Masonic Regalia, R.A.O.B Regalia ETC.

Our Product Line:
Badges, Uniforms, Accessories, Accountrements
Peak Caps & Berets
Aiguillettes & Shoulder Cords,
Lanyards, Whistel Cords, Snate Cods,
Dress Cords, Flags & Flag Cords, Bugle & Bugle Cords
Ribbons, Braids, Cords, Fringes, Tassels, Tassel Cods
Webbing & Belts
Swords & Sword Knots
Shoulders, Epaullettes, Sliders
Chevrons & Georgets
Sashes, Brassards, Neck Ties, Bow Ties, Romals
Military Wallets, Leather Bags, Boots
Officer Canes & Pace Sticks
Military & Police Gloves
Uniforms, Clothing & Protection Gears

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NANBA represent a varied spectrum that intelligently and economically combines high quality products that have its standing amongst the best in buisness to its clients.

Ths NANBA is much more than merely a supplier, a partner that listens more carefully and contributes ideas of customers.

Our manufacturing a combination of best material and workmanship.
Think Quality, Think NANBA

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