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AIM Infrarot - Module GmbH DEU

AIM is a leading supplier of IRsensors and thermal sights. Outstanding performance and minimum size, weight and power meet the requirements of challenging military applications. AIM shows bispectral and eSWIR technology as well as thermal sight.
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100, 108

Theresienstr. 2
74072 Heilbronn

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Společnost Glenair je předním výrobcem špičkových technologií konektorů a příslušenství. Kruhové a obdélníkové konektory s certifikací Mil-Spec jsou k dispozici v ekologických, filtračních, hermetických a optických konfiguracích, dodávané jako samostatné komponenty nebo integrované do sestav/kabelů. Dodává také zadní kryty, fiktivní úložné zásuvky, ochranné kryty, lehké opletení EMI/RFI a kompozitní krabice a příslušenství. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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100, 103, 107, 110

Schaberweg 28
61348 Bad Homburg

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Despite the wide range of requirements, the various armed forces agree on the need for protective clothing, footwear and gloves made from functional fabrics. Whether it's GORE-TEX waterproof products, GORE-TEX PYRAD® flame retardant fabrics, the new generation of GORE-TEX rainwear stretch fabrics, or GORE-TEX THERMIUM(R) footwear, featuring ultra-thin insulation, when it comes to their critical protective gear, military personnel know they can rely on Gore's innovative strength and quality products. GORE apparel and footwear offer unparalleled protection and comfort without compromise: for all kinds of missions and in all kinds of weather.

Hermann-Oberth-Straße 22
85640 Putzbrunn

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Mehler Vario System GmbH, based in Germany, is the European market leader of protection and carrying systems for police, military and special forces. For more than 40 years, the company has been manufacturing protective vests, stab and impact protection, shields and helmets. Together with its subsidiaries: Mehler Law Enforcement, Mehler Engineered Defence, Lindnerhof Taktik and UF PRO as well as Mehler Vario System as a parent company MVS Group form a competent group of companies offering integrated solutions for professionals in the areas of: protection and carrying systems, safety equipment, platform and vehicle protection as well as tactical equipment and clothing.

Edelzeller Straße 51
36043 Fulda

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MÖNCH is one of the world's largest publishers of professional defence journals which are available in print and in digital form - and reinforced by MON (Mönch Online News....www.monch.com) together with an e mail based bi-weekly newsletter - the MÖNCH DEFENCE EXECUTIVE RESOURCE. MÖNCH journals are in English (MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, NAVAL FORCES) in German, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. MILITARY TECHNOLOGY and NAVAL FORCES are edited for a global readership.All other journals -such as WEHRTECHNIK in German are directed at a specifc country/group of countries, or a specific region - in the local language.
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3500, 3502

Christine-Demmer-Str. 7

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Head protection made in Germany. SCHUBERTH represents this for more than 70 years. We have already been producing protective helmets of different varieties since the 1940s. From 1954 onwards, German Border Control officers were able to wear a helmet of the SCHUBERTH brand. This was the beginning of a success story which continues today. Countless helmets were produced and sold since the foundation of the company. And countless satisfied customers swear by their “SCHUBERTH”. Today, SCHUBERTH develops and produces in Magdeburg on the Elbe. The portfolio: helmets for military, worker protection, police, fire brigade, Formula 1 sports and motor cycling. Renowned Formula 1 pilots rely on SCHUBERTH helmets as much as numerous life savers and protectors from professional areas. We are proud of that.

Stegelitzer Straße 12
39126 Magdeburg

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TASMANIAN TIGER - Outfitter for the professionals TASMANIAN TIGER is a German premium supplier of professional military and police equipment and exclusively manufactures products of first-class quality and functionality. The elaborate development work is always oriented towards the specific needs of the user. In addition to technically sophisticated backpacks for different areas of use, TASMANIAN TIGER offers extensive equipment for tactical operations, for police missions as well as equipment for outdoor use. All products are manufactured in the company's own SA8000-certified production facility, from prototype to ready-for-series production. The work processes - from material purchasing to production to final inspection - are precisely defined and are regularly checked by independent testing bodies according to international standards. Each product is checked before it leaves production and is given a serial number that is stored in a separate database. This ensures a consistently high standard of quality. TASMANIAN TIGER is a brand of TATONKA GmbH.

Robert-Bosch-Str. 3
86453 Dasing

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The intensity of threatening environments for defense forces around the world is becoming higher and requires an increasing demand for ballistic protection. At Teijin Aramid we are dedicated to providing this protection with our high performance para-aramid Twaron®. With excellent energy absorption properties, tenacity and impact resistance, Twaron® offers effective and comfortable ballistic protection. In the more than 30 years that Twaron® has been available on the market, it has helped to save thousands of lives worldwide. Key applications for Twaron® include bullet resistant vests, helmets and ballistic protection of vehicles, aircrafts and vessels. Twaron® is produced in The Netherlands.

Kasinostrasse 19-21
42103 Wuppertal

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