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Aclima AS has been owned by Johansen family since 1939. During 3 generations we have become an important and competent Norwegian textile producer. The experience and knowledge that we have obtained throughout the generations are invaluable in our continuing efforts to keep people warm and dry. We know the requirements that our particular climate offers and we do our utmost to meet them. We try to make the best possible underwear for all conditions and professions. This is also why we focus on the user; for small children in the kindergarden or flame resistant and insulation underwear for the Army. The wool specialist: 
Our vision is to contribute in getting more people to enjoy the outdoors. We work every day to carry out our business idea: “Aclima will combine knowledge of the market, fibres, knitting and design to develop and sell functional clothing for usage by outdoor people.”
Aclima specializes in sports underwear with merino wool in most of its products. Merino wool provides excellent comfort in most weather and temperature conditions and in all levels of activity. As you might know, wool has the unique ability to keep you warm, even when you are wet from sweat, rain or snow. With Aclima products, we have created durable wool products that are very comfortable and have maximum breathability to transport moisture.
Function has always been our first priority, but we are also concerned with how the clothing makes you feel and if you like the colours and design. We are grateful for any tips or input you may have. Aclima AS is located in Krøderen, Norway near to the Norefjell ski resort, which is only 1 1/2 hour drive from Oslo. A fantastic area for product testing and development. The Aclima collection covers outdoor sports activities all year, offering all necessary underwear layers and midlayers, so you and your family can enjoy outdoor activities feeling comfortable while doing it! Enjoy the outdoors!
1600, 1601, 1624, 1631, 1632, 1639

Øvre Sund 1
3018 Drammen

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Stand No: 340

AeroVironment Inc. USA

AeroVironment provides technology solutions at the intersection of robotics, sensors, software analytics and connectivity. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, AeroVironment is a global leader in intelligent, multi-domain robotic systems, serving defense, government and commercial customers. With purpose of providing situational awareness to tactical operating units through real-time, airborne reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition, AeroVironment’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are used extensively by agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense and more than 50 allied governments.
500, 506, 850, 851, 852, 855

900 Innovators Way
Simi Valley, CA 93065

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Stand No: 331

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Telerob Gesellschaft für Fernhantierungstechnik mbH


ARMED FORCES COMMUNICATIONS & ELECTRONICS ASSOCIATION is a non-profit and educational organization whose mission is to create a professional forum for conducting ethical and effective dialogue between experts representing the membership base and representatives of force departments, state administration and academic communities of the Czech Republic. The AFCEA Czech Chapter has long focused its attention on supporting the development of information and communication technologies of the armed forces as one of the important tools for defending the generally recognized moral values of the democratic world.
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Dolnomecholupská 1418/12
Praha 10

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Stand No: 268

AIM Infrarot - Module GmbH DEU

AIM is a leading supplier of IRsensors and thermal sights. Outstanding performance and minimum size, weight and power meet the requirements of challenging military applications. AIM shows bispectral and eSWIR technology as well as thermal sight.
100, 108, 1700, 1701, 2000, 2099

Theresienstr. 2
74072 Heilbronn

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Stand No: 416


AIRBOSS DEFENSE GROUP was formed in January 2020 with the merger of AirBoss Defense, a global leader in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Critical Solutions International, an industry leader that delivers best-in-class route clearance and counter-IED solutions. ADG further expanded in May 2021 when it merged with BlackBox Biometrics, the leader in sensor technology that instantly assesses forces that can cause traumatic brain injury. The company is also recognized for its rapidly deployable decontamination systems, patient isolation systems, and respiratory protection equipment AirBoss Defense Group provides military, first responder, and healthcare communities worldwide with a growing and diverse product portfolio, and we pride ourselves on being a survivability solutions provider. We specialize in manufacturing products that have been developed from both established military specifications and independently through AirBoss R&D activities.The combined company includes over 330 employees in five North American locations and has customers in over 70 countries worldwide. We Protect Those Who Protect Us.
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8261 Preston Court
Jessup, Maryland, 20794

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Stand No: 451

represented brands:
AIRBOSS - Low-Burden Mask AirBoss 100 Half Mask Respirator C4 CBRN Gas Mask C420 PAPR System CBRN Cap 1 Cartridge FlexAir PAPR; HUSKY Vehicle - Husky 2G FR-C2A1 Cartridge Husky 360 Situational Awareness Camera Suite Husky Interrogation Arm Husky MK III VMMD Husky Rollover Detection and Warning System M96 Cartridge M96 CE Cartridge Molded Lightweight Overboot Vapor Barrier Bunny Boot


We provide the customer with support for the entire duration of the project, from the loan of samples, provision of technical documentation, applications, project prices through to implementation.
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Moskevská 949/86
101 00 Praha 10

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Stand No: 203

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Axiomtec Desapro EKF Getac Ibase Innodisk KME Kontron Mildef Urovo Westek Winmate


ALEF has been operating on the market since 1994 and during this time has built a position as a reliable partner providing modern and functional IT solutions that, together with the best brands in the industry, professional approach and experience, form the best possible combination. The company's unique strengths include its comprehensive offering from analysis, solution design, implementation, training, certification to monitoring and professional services - both for SMEs and multinational corporations.
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Pernerova 691/42
186 00 Praha 8

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AWS Cisco F5 Flowmon Microsoft NetApp Splunk


Aliter Technologies is an acknowledged expert in the area of ICT and software development. Its innovative work and quality has led to a portfolio of award winning products and solutions that are daily used by NATO and other international organizations, global technology companies and suppliers in the fields of security and defense, even in tactical environments.
100, 103, 107, 129, 132, 850, 851

Turčianska 16
821 09 Bratislava

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Stand No: 445, 446

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Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H3
Stand No: 329

AntHill s.r.o. CZE

Anthill provides custom hardware and software solutions and integration services with a team of experienced software engineers and system administrators for customers in retail, logistics and public sector.
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Újezd 450/40
118 00 Praha 1

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Stand No: 221


ACTA NON VERBA - Actions not words. What is courage without actions? What is wisdom without actions? What is kindness without actions? What is will for without actions? There are so many words, sentences and phrases everywhere. Our world is overfilled with words, everybody has their own opinion and shares it with the world. However, where are the actions? What will we leave behind us? Will it be words? Or rather it will be actions and deeds? Will it be a built house, a born child, a planted tree? Or will it be a lot of excuses and given reasons why back then I could not, did not want, was not able, was not allowed, did not find the courage to do, preferred not to risk ...? Only actions matter! Actions, starting from the most simple ones, such as feeding a child, up to building a spacecraft rocket. Our world is made up of actions. Only actions matter! Only actions, only deeds, which we will take or not. Impulsive and long-planned actions. Everyday and extraordinary actions, fear inspiring and joyful. Who would our ancestors be without actions? Who is our family, our nation without actions? Actions make a man and his nature. We are the result of actions, labor, deeds and decisions taken by our ancestors. Their actions bring us together with them. Actions and deeds are important! The choice of how to act depends on us. We decide what action we will take. We were gifted with a free will! And it is on us to make a right choice and to choose good actions and deeds. To choose the way of Abel, not Cain. To choose today and here, courage or cowardice, good or evil. Our actions are dower, which we will leave to our descendants, our beloved ones. They will take it from us. They will not remember our speech and words. Our actions will live in their memory. ANV Knives produces knives with high focus on quality, design and fukcionality. All of our knives are made from modern materials in our factory in Moravske Budejovice.
400, 499

Pražská 1647
676 02 Moravské Budějovice

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Stand No: 400


Cyber Security: Attack as a proactive part of a defense
100, 113

Thámova 18, Praha - Karlín, 186 00

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Stand No: 225

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Arbit specializes in Cross Domain Solutions for safe and seamless data transfer between networks of different classifications – with focus on high security networks. Our customer base are governments, intelligence services, police, and Armed Forces. Our portfolio, the Arbit Data Diode, Arbit Data Diode CORE are certified to the highest Common Criteria level, EAL 7+ and accredited for NATO COSMIC TOP SECRET and EU TOP SECRET. The Trust Gateway and the Arbit RUGGED C4ISTAR Gateway for NATO SECRET and EU SECRET We have been providing cross domain solutions for more than 16 years to customers across Europe and in the Middle East. We were the first company to receive the Cybersecurity made in Europe label as all production takes place in controlled facilities in Denmark
100, 103, 105, 107, 3600

Immerkær 54
2650 Hvidovre

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H3
Stand No: 322


Ardaco, a.s. is an innovative leader in the area of Communication Technology and Information security. Ardaco offers its own developed, fully scalable Silentel® platform for secure mobile communication including voice, group calls, messaging and file transfer. In addition, Ardaco provides a full range of its own QSign™ product range in the area of Qualified Electronic Signature for secure and cost-effective handling of electronic documents. Individuals, organizations and companies can reliably protect and secure their communication and information with a full range of Silentel® and QSign™ products.
100, 105, 3600

Polianky 5
841 01 Bratislava

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H4
Stand No: 445

represented brands:
QSign™ Silentel®

ARGUN s.r.o. CZE

ARGUN Company is more than 20 years internationally well-known manufacturer of bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets, hard armor and anti-riot equipment for military, police and security services. ARGUN is supplying to the Czech Army, Czech Police and other safety units. In the last years, ARGUN supplied to more than 30 countries worldwide. ARGUN is able to develop products according customers needs.
1600, 1601, 1604, 1605, 1607, 1616

Jana Krušinky 1693/4
500 02 Hradec Králové

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H4
Stand No: 421


Main activities • Development and production of thermal devices, including thermal monocular, thermal weapon sights, thermal clip-ons, thermal goggles under our own brand ARMDEF and OEM products • Development and production of image intensified night vision devices, including night vision monoculars, night vision binoculars, night vision goggles, night vision clip-ons under our own brand ARMDEF and OEM products • Development and production of digital night vision devices for outdoor and tactical applications • Providing complete solutions for military, police and law enforcement units all over the world Key advantages • Wide range of products and options for the most demanding customers • Field proven high-quality products for ensuring tactical advantage in the most challenging conditions Business offer • Supplying thermal and night vision equipment for security and law enforcement operations • Repairing and upgrading night vision and thermal devices in service
1700, 1701, 1799

1714 Holesovska str., 76861, Bystrice pod Hostynem

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H2
Stand No: 218


ARQUUS is a major actor for the French industry. Manufacturer of world-renowned vehicles in more than 60 countries, ARQUUS is one of the three members of the short-term consortium to which the French Ministry of Armed Forces awarded the Scorpion contract.
700, 708, 709

15 bis allée des Marronniers
78000, Versailles

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H3
Stand No: 314


HPE is the global edge-to-cloud company built to transform your business. How? By helping you connect, protect, analyze, and act on all your data and applications wherever they live, from edge to cloud, so you can turn insights into outcomes at the speed required to thrive in today’s complex world.
100, 113, 199, 2000, 2099, 3400, 3499, 3600

Za Brumlovkou 5/1559
140 00 Praha 4

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H2
Stand No: 235


Atkinson Aeronautics & Technology (Ataero) supports all aspects of training for government and industry customers. Our scalable training portfolio ranges from curriculum development to field technical training, customized to client requirements. Ataero develops and provides specialized training for electromagnetic warfare (EW), electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO), technical systems, and operational capabilities. As partners with Battlespace Simulations, Inc. (BSI), we provide user training on their Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) simulation system, including mission skills training, scenario development, and MACE-EW specialization training.
100, 107, 127, 405, 806, 2200, 2299

16414 San Pedro Avenue, Ste 1000
San Antonio, TX, 78232

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H4
Stand No: 429

Atlantis telecom Ltd. CZE

Atlantis telecom is a Value Added Distributor of innovative and commercially successful ICT solutions covering the technology areas of Telephony, Unified Communications (UC), Contact Centres, Network technologies, Structured Cabling and Mobility. Atlantis's product portfolio includes a wide range of innovative technologies and products from leading ICT industry companies. Our essential suppliers are Poly, Mitel, Aruba Networks/HPE, Jabra, Plantronics, AudioCodes, Reichle & De-Massari (R&M), Barracuda, QSAN, Riverbed, Microsoft, and Neat, among others.
100, 110, 113, 128, 199, 2000, 2099, 3600

Sterboholska 1427/55
102 00 Praha 10

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H2
Stand No: 235

represented brands:
Aruba Networks/HPE AudioCodes Barracuda Jabra Microsoft Mitel Neat Plantronics Poly QSAN Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) Riverbed


Special surveillance, monitoring and communications tactical systems, alternative energy source – fuel cells for commercial, industrial & military applications, independent reliable & unbreakable internet connectivity and other technologies for the Security and Defence Industry.
100, 101, 103, 111, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 128, 129, 131, 132, 201, 800, 807, 850, 851, 2300

Lužná 591/4
160 00 Praha 6

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H3
Stand No: 307

represented brands:
Atlas Dynamics Fujinon HGH Kowa Optimed Mohoc N-ear Opgal OTTO Peplink SFC Energy SKB Cases


We make the world of information more organized. AURA is a world leader in the field of military logistic information systems. We have over 33 years of experience in development and integration of information systems in more than 20 countries on 5 continents. Our major products are Logistic Information System (LIS), a comprehensive information system for military logistics, MC CATALOGUE, the most widespread information system for NATO codification in the world, and Publi, e-library with the possibility of secured controlled distribution of text and multimedia documents. In the field of CBRNe, we are the exclusive sales representative of Bruhn NewTech company for Czechia and Slovakia. For further information visit our website
115, 199, 302, 399, 2900, 3403

Úvoz 499/56
602 00 Brno

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H2
Stand No: 205

represented brands:
Bruhn NewTech A/S Code Creator s.r.o.


AVEC CHEM, company from the Czech Republic, designs, develops and manufactures personal and collective protective equipment against chemical, biological and radioactive substances. AVECH CHEM´s products protect soldiers, police officers, first responders, medical staff, firefighters and industry workers in more than 60 countries in 5 continents. Years of experience, close contact with users, innovative approach, use of the most modern technologies and materials, this all have helped AVEC CHEM to develop a new generation of light, comfort and highly reliable PPE, which are unfailing even in the most exacting situations. Moreover, they are highly compatible with all kinds of modern protective equipment. AVEC CHEM manufactures and delivers a complete range of filters against toxic substances, full face masks, tactical half masks, mouth pieces, escape hoods and permeable protective suits. With its collective filters AVECH CHEM equips armoured vehicles, battle tanks, shelters of civil defence and critical infrastructure. AVEC CHEM has available, as a part of its production premises, a fully equipped laboratory for researching and testing all types of personal protective equipment.

Chrudimská 1555
535 01 Přelouč

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H3
Stand No: 321


Publishing of digital magazines and B2B and B2C media
3500, 3502


Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H2
Stand No: 240


Law enforcement, first responders and military service personnel risk their lives every day to keep communities around the world safe. Dyneema® helps protect them while they protect us. Dyneema® has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any material on Earth, allowing armor solutions to maintain the highest levels of protection without sacrificing user comfort or maneuverability. In fact, we work directly with industry-leading armor manufacturers to develop technologies that are fit-for-purpose. Beyond continual innovation and collaboration, the lightweight construction of armor made with Dyneema® helps mitigate long-term injuries associated with the cumulative effect of daily armor use – providing protection on the front lines and beyond.

Avient Protective Materials
Urmonderbaan 22
6167 RD Geleen

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H4
Stand No: 425


Axon' Cable is a world leader specialised in custom design interconnect. Headquartered in the beautiful Champagne region of France (100km east of Paris) since 1965 and benefits from more than 50 years of experience, Axon’ Cable is present in 25 countries. Axon products are designed to meet the requirements of high tech markets including aeronautics, automotive, electronics, energy, industry, medical, military, research, space. Tanks, Radars, drones, air fighters or satellites, the application list for which Axon’ Cable can provide interconnect solutions is extensive with a common goal: the need for miniature and reliable components. High data rate, high temperature, weight and space saving, electromagnetic protection, resistance to severe environments. Axon’ Cable is developing miniature connectors equipped with a user-friendly latching system, which gives greater flexibility to customers. A new range of Micro-D products equipped with the D-Click fast latching system allows customers to use the Micro-D technology in space-constrained systems where access to the connectors is difficult. The company has also engineered Versatys®, a new concept of compact power connectors. Compared to power D-Sub connectors, this new range of connectors gives rise to substantial space and weight saving. With interchangeable lines (power contacts and wire), users can customize their own connectors. Versatys® connectors can also be equipped with the fast-latching D-Click system. These types of connectors generates real time savings, as no tooling is required for this operation. Whether for air or land battlefields, Axon’ Cable designs reliable and rugged interconnects. The company is not only manufacture its own conductors and cables but also has a large expertise in cable jacketing and overmoulding. Axon’ expertise in these techniques allows the company to offer very robust cable assemblies including in the connecting area. Overmoulding must perfectly adhere to the cable to offer a reliable mechanical protection to the cable assembly in hostile environment. In the context of electronic warfare, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a key issue to be considered for military electronic equipment in the whole interconnect system, which needs to be protected against EMI. Indeed communication and navigation systems can play their role on the battlefield. From cable to connector so as the cable assembly, Axon’ can offer the most appropriate EMC solution.
700, 800

2 Route de Châlons en Champagne
51210 Montmirail

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H4
Stand No: 449