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Main activities • Development and production of thermal devices, including thermal monocular, thermal weapon sights, thermal clip-ons, thermal goggles under our own brand ARMDEF and OEM products • Development and production of image intensified night vision devices, including night vision monoculars, night vision binoculars, night vision goggles, night vision clip-ons under our own brand ARMDEF and OEM products • Development and production of digital night vision devices for outdoor and tactical applications • Providing complete solutions for military, police and law enforcement units all over the world Key advantages • Wide range of products and options for the most demanding customers • Field proven high-quality products for ensuring tactical advantage in the most challenging conditions Business offer • Supplying thermal and night vision equipment for security and law enforcement operations • Repairing and upgrading night vision and thermal devices in service
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1714 Holesovska str.
76861 Bystrice pod Hostynem

Fairground PVA EXPO Prague Hall: H2
Stand No: 218


Microflown AVISA develops and markets highly innovative and complete battlefield acoustic solutions, providing 3D situational awareness by detecting, localizing and classifying the full range of audible battlefield threats, such as small arms fires, rockets, artillery and mortars and engine driven platforms (heavy ground vehicles, helicopters and UAV's).
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Tivolilaan 205
6824 BV Arnhem

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Stand No: 328


OPTOKON, a.s. is a leading global manufacturer of passive and active devices and optical cables. Key product portfolio are the range of portable hand held FO testers and a series of ruggedized devices and military tactical components designed for use in military systems and harsh enviromental conditions. Ruggedized product: HMA connectors, LMSW switches,LMC converters,IP telephones, LMSB-Communications and information modules,UPS,routers, LMCP-light mobile computing platform and OPTTA -PP62X - newly developed mobile ruggedized platform designed to solve tasks with the support of artificial intelligence. For the protection of the perimeter, OPTOKON offers the FOTAS distributed acoustic sensor system, based on the analysis of the signal in the optical cable, which changes, analyzes and evaluates the characteristics based on the vibrations in the given area. One segment of this technology can detect intrusions up to 100 km away. Our components have successfully passed military testing and OPTOKON is approved as a supplier of components for NATO (OPTOKON supplier code: 1583G) and for non-NATO countries. The OPTOKON calibration laboratory offers accredited calibration services. The OPTOKON testing facility offers testing, measurement and analysis, including EMC and temperature tests according to MIL and ČOS ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards.
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Červený Kříž 250
58601 Jihlava

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Redstone Technologies is a leader in solutions-oriented global aviation services. Our driven pursuit of excellence ensures exceeding customer expectations at all levels. Our agility and flexible approach allow us to rapidly meet global needs with timely and relevant solutions. We exist to ensure our customer’s satisfaction in the most challenging situations.
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14532 Lee Road, Suite 100
Chantilly, VA 20151

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SMARTSHOOTER develops intelligent Fire Control Systems for small arms that significantly increase weapon accuracy and lethality when engaging static and moving targets, on the ground and in the air, day and night. With proven "One Shot – One Hit" precision, our SMASH product line empowers defense and security forces by maximizing rifle effectiveness against enemy targets while minimizing friendly casualties and collateral damage. Based on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies, SMASH is also designed to interconnect with other operational resources to form a micro-tactical network that delivers real-time situational awareness. Smart Shooter has offices in Israel/the US/Europe.
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Kibbutz Yagur

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Sony offers a comprehensive array of industry-leading digital imaging technology, including cameras, lenses and equipment for every possible application.
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V Parku 2308/8
148 00 Prague 4

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Vrgineers, Inc. is a leader in developing immersive technologies focused on training professional fighter jets and helicopter pilots. The company develops and manufactures its XTAL™ headset for virtual and mixed reality. The company's product portfolio also includes Vrgineers Classroom, Portable, and Custom Trainer flight simulators.
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Jankovcova 49c, Holesovice
170 00 Prague

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