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Christopher McKeating Mr. Christopher McKeating

British Military Advisor; FF14 International Office



BIOGRAPHY: Mr. Christopher McKeating is a Post-Graduate Student at The Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St Andrews, a former platoon commander, a member of the Military & Security Advisory Committee and the owner of Brno-London, a British Company specialising in drone technology. As well as responsibility for PMSCs, Christopher is a Committee Member of the Unmanned Systems Workshop. He has been an instructor for 15 years in the design, management and instruction of Counter-Terrorism, Pre-Deployment, Inter-operability, English Language and International Relations Courses for militaries across the world.

Recent Publications include:

1. Jackals and Drones: Al Qaeda’s Chrysalis and the Metamorphosis of Terrorism Research

2. English Studies in the Territory of the Czech Republic and the Heritage of the Defense Language Institute Pages 70 - 76

3. Jackals and Drones: The Metamorphosis of 21st Century Terrorism Pages

4. British Foreign Policy on the Road to Damascus Pages 42 – 43

5. Zlín Proceedings in Humanities, Volume 4: Complications with English in Military-Oriented Coalitions Pages 145 – 156

6. Counter-Terrorism Policies & the Cost to the West: Living with Terrorism, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Counter-Piracy and the Impact on Atlanticism (JFTC April 2014 Journal)


Master of Letters (CSTPV) St Andrews University 2014, Cert. (CSTPV) St Andrews University 2011, RSA Cert. Cambridge University (SKOLA) 1996, B.A. Honour’s Degree Liverpool University 1995, Platoon Commander 1993, Oxford University’s Officer Training Corps 1991, Downside Abbey 1989, British Embassy School Riyadh Saudi Arabia 1983